BMW Air Conditioners

Air conditioner equipped in BMW usually serves the purpose of refrigerator. It transfers heat from one place to another. BMW air conditioner is equipped with five major components. They are compressor, refrigerant, condenser, expansion valve and dryer or evaporator. Refrigerant in the system is compressed by BMW compressor. BMW refrigerant carries away the heat. When the compressed refrigerant passed through the BMW condenser, the condenser turns hot. BMW expansion valve serve the purpose of nozzle. Heat to the refrigerant is added by the BMW evaporator or dryer. In this manner, BMW air conditioner works.

BMW air conditioner clutch plays key role in electric engaging and disengaging. It works according to the commands from air conditioner system. Air conditioner electro-magnetic clutch is usually mounted at the front of air conditioning compressor. Designing of the air conditioner by different manufacturer may vary. The BMW air conditioning has been divided into two major sides. They are high-pressure and low-pressure. High pressure side is connected to the outlet or the discharge, whereas low pressure side is connected to inlet of the compressor.

The major purpose of BMW air conditioner clutch is to energize and lock clutch to compressor on command. After getting engaged, A/C compressor is driven by a serpentine belt or V-belt from engine.

BMW air conditioner compressor is also referred as heart of the air conditioning system. It is usually a belt driven pump tightened with the engine. It compresses and transfers the refrigerant gas. BMW air conditioning is divided into two major parts. They are high pressure side and low pressure side, also known as discharge and suction. As BMW air conditioner compressor is usually a pump, it must be comprised of intake side and discharge side. The refrigerant gas is drawn from BMW evaporator outlet by the intake or suction side.

The refrigerant is compressed and sent to air conditioner condenser after getting drawn. Now, refrigerant transfers the heat absorbed by the vehicle to BMW condenser. If you are facing problems regarding poor cooling or seized or noisy compressor then you must take your vehicle to expert technician. Wrong refrigerant oil is also one major cause for improper functioning AC.

Replace or repair the worn out BMW AC part for effective working of the air conditioning system. If you are looking for high quality parts then log on to offer high quality parts at discounted price. There is no need to bother about the durability and reliability of the parts available ay, as they are OEM certified.