Retofit Procedure

1. Evacuate the R-12, if there is any left in the system. By law, this must be done without venting (releasing the gas into the atmosphere) by a certified mechanic using approved R-12 Recovery equipment. Many installers will do this without charge, because the R-12 they recover from your system is valuable

2. Attach Adaptor to the low-pressure port:
The low-pressure port usually has a blue or black dust cap and is located on the larger diameter tubing that runs between the evaporator (in the dashboard) and the compressor (see FAQ, "How do I find the low-pressure port?"). Remove the dust cap . Attach the adapter to the low-pressure port.
3. Charge the System & Measure Pressure:
Assemble the hose and refrigerant can. Be sure the engine is operating and the A/C is set to maximum cooling. Connect the hose to the low-pressure port and preceed to charge the system. Measure the system pressure at any time by closing the can valve. Refer to the pressure gauge chart for refrigerant level and stop charging when you reach proper pressure.
4. Attach Label:
Confirm proper pressure, disconnect charging hose, reattach blue dust cap and attach retrofit label