Scroll fixed Displacement Compressor

The fixed displacement compressors compress refrigerant in accordance with the engine rotation.
DENSO provides three types of fixed displacement compressors– swash-plate type, scroll type and vane type.
In the scroll fixed displacement compressor, a movable scroll rotates to change the volume of space between the movable scroll and the fixed scroll, compressing the refrigerant. 
DENSO Technology – Leading the World
In 1997, DENSO launched the world’s first scroll fixed displacement compressor that adopted a centrifugal oil separator to reduce the amount of oil contained in circulating refrigerant, improving the efficiency of the air conditioning system. 

Benefits and Features
  • Small size and light weight
    • DENSO improved the housing, giving it a thinner wall while maintaining its strength, making it smaller and lighter.
    • The fixed scroll functions as a compression chamber wall, resulting in an even smaller and lighter compressor.
  • High compressor efficiency and high durability
    • The oil separator removes most of the oil from the refrigerant when it is discharged from the compressor. That oil is then supplied to the compressor’s sliding parts, maintaining lubrication of the compressor and increasing efficiency as well as durability.
    • The optimized shape of the scrolls further improves the compressor efficiency.
    • The reduced number of parts in the sliding section, including a simple rotation-preventive mechanism, reduces energy loss caused by sliding.
  • Low noise and vibration
    • The reduced number of parts in the sliding section reduces mechanical noise.
    • The optimized housing shape reduces the pulsation of refrigerant discharged from the compressor.
DENSO’s Latest Model Structure