Audi A/C System

In future, it will be possible to use this modular A/C system in other Audi models, in addition to the A5. “Audi and Behr collaborated on the initial design a full year before the order was placed. We were able to convince the customer of the benefits of our modular system”, explains Thomas Reimet, Audi Air Conditioning Project Manager at Behr.
Behr has developed a modular design concept for the fully automatic climate control system, which can be expanded from one climate zone to up to four. Behr realized a new mixing concept on very little installation space. The three-zone A/C system replaces the separate rear HVAC module and provides air conditioning to the rear of the vehicle, independent of the settings for driver and front seat passenger. Behr produces the climate control unit in its plant in Neustadt on the Danube. Many of the housing components are manufactured using the MuCell injection molding process. This means less weight and higher resistance to distortion. In the diesel variant, Behr has integrated a new generation PTC auxiliary heater.

For the engine cooling system in the new A5, Behr is supplying both the 80 and the 64mm deep charge air coolers, as well as a variant of the main radiator for passenger vehicles equipped with the basic engine model. The special feature of the charge air cooler, which was developed in Stuttgartand produced by Behr Czech, is the 30 percent reduction in tank-header overhang (from 9 to 6mm). This was achieved by using for the first time a modified header piercing and sealing concept for passenger car charge air coolers. “Implementing the new design presented major challenges for all concerned”, admits Peter Frisch, Behr Project Manager Audi, Engine Cooling, C-VW. “However, the design was successfully brought to production maturity thanks to close collaboration and consultation with the customer”. This particular strength was one of the key reasons for Behr being awarded the contract.