VW Air Conditioners

One of the most known brands in automobile industry is Volkswagen. It is famous for its great performance, efficiency, stylish looks and comfortable features. Volkswagen air conditioning system plays key role in offering its occupants enjoyable and pleasurable ride. Functioning of air conditioning system comprises of high quality and efficient components, such as compressor, condenser, evaporator, receiver-drier and orifice tube.

Volkswagen AC receiver-drier is one of the major components of air conditioning system. It is also known as accumulator. It is usually used on the high side of system, where thermal expansion valve is used. Liquid refrigerant is needed by such metering valve. A receiver is also used to ensure that valve is getting liquid refrigerant or not. The major function of receiver-drier is the separation of gas and liquid. It also eliminates moisture and removes the dirt completely. On the top of Volkswagen AC receiver-drier there is one sight glass. This sight glass is used for the charging of system. When the Volkswagen AC system will function appropriately, you cannot see any vapor bubbles in the sight glass. Whenever the system is empty, you must change the receiver-drier.

Volkswagen AC compressor is also known as the heart of air conditioning system. In case, the Volkswagen AC compressor is seized, then it indicates a worn out compressor. Drive belt will start making squealing sounds. After being engaged by magnetic clutches, Volkswagen AC compressor would be unable to move. Major cause for the failure of Volkswagen AC compressor is the inadequacy of lubrication. Lack of lubrication may also occur due to leakage of refrigerant in the system. There are a few common leakage points, such as hoses, hose and pipe connections, evaporator, condenser or compressor shaft seal.

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