Mercedes Benz A/C System

Mercedes Benz has always been associated with rich and famous. They are popular for incorporating finest engineering and craftsmanship. Thus, results in high manufacturing costs. Air conditioning system equipped in Mercedes Benz is one of the major factors for comfortable and pleasurable ride. There are five major components that plays key role in the effective performance of the Mercedes Benz AC system. They are Mercedes Benz compressor, Mercedes Benz refrigerant, Mercedes Benz condenser, Mercedes Benz expansion valve and Mercedes Benz drier or evaporator.

During air conditioning process, refrigerant is placed under pressure by the compressor and sent to condensing coils. These coils are usually present in front of radiator. After compression, gas heats up a lot. Later, gas condenses into liquid and this change turn it hotter. Now, lots of heat is lost by refrigerant followed by sending liquid to evaporator.

On the high side of AC system, Mercedes Benz receiver drier or Accumulator is used. A thermal expansion valve is used by the Mercedes Benz receiver-drier. Liquid refrigerant is required by such metering valve. In order to ensure that valve is getting liquid refrigerant a receiver is also used. Separation of gas and liquid is the major function of receiver-drier.

Mercedes Benz AC receiver-drier also eliminates moisture and filters out dirt. A sight glass is also mounted on the top of Mercedes Benz AC receiver-drier or accumulator. Sight glass usually charges system. If the air conditioning system is working appropriately then vapor bubbles will not be visible in sight glass.

When the system is empty, it would be advisable to change Mercedes Benz receiver-drier or accumulator. You must change it after three years as desiccant pellets break down. Thus, results in clogging of expansion valve. This will make the system inoperable and compressor will be damaged.

A regular check up is essential for the adequate working of Mercedes Benz AC system. If any of the Mercedes Benz AC components is not worn out then repair or replace it immediately. High quality Mercedes Benz AC parts are available at offer huge range of high quality parts in varied range and styles. You may browse through the extensive range of parts available at These high quality Mercedes Benz AC parts are available at discounted prices. Mercedes Benz AC parts available at are reliable and durable, as they have met original manufacturer specification. also offers significant installation and maintenance tips for Mercedes Benz AC parts. Just log onto and order the required part now.