Compressor Denso


The compressor compresses low-temperature, low-pressure gas refrigerant gasified in the evaporator, into high-temperature, high-pressure gas refrigerant. The compressor then sends the refrigerant to the condenser. 

 DENSO Technology – Leading the World
  • In 1997, DENSO launched the world’s first variable displacement compressor with a damper limiter (DL) pulley, instead of a magnetic clutch, making the compressor smaller, lighter and more reliable. In 2001, DENSO launched an even lighter variable displacement compressor with a resin-made DL pulley.
  • In 2003, DENSO launched the world’s first small, light-weight electric compressor for an electric hybrid vehicle. The compressor can provide cooling during idling stop when the engine stops, saving fuel.
Product Types
  • Fixed displacement compressors
    • Swash-plate type
    • Scroll type
    • Vane type
  • Variable displacement compressors
    • Swash-plate internally controlled type
    • Swash-plate externally controlled type
  • Electric compressors
  • Others (parts for compressors)
    • Magnetic clutch
    • DL pulley