Electric Compressor - Denso

In 2003, DENSO launched the world’s first small, light-weight electric compressor for hybrid electric vehicles. The electric compressor provides comfortable air conditioning even during “idle” stops (when the engine shuts down to save fuel and emissions). This maintains cabin comfort while significantly reducing fuel consumption.

 Benefits and Features
  • Small size and light weight
    • By adopting a newly developed motor winding method, DENSO achieves 30 percent size reduction and 53 percent weight reduction of the electric compressor compared to traditional electric compressors, providing more space in the vehicle and further improving fuel consumption.
    • High revolution speed (7500 rotations per minute), regardless of the engine speed, reduces the displacement (amount of refrigerant discharged from the compressor per one rotation) to 18 cm3, allowing the compressor to be more compact.
  • High efficiency and quiet operation
    • The electric compressor combines a scroll compressor and a DC brushless motor. The optimized scroll form and advanced motor control technology improves efficiency and reduces noise and vibration.
  • Quick starting
    • DENSO’s advanced motor control technology enables the electric compressor to start at a high revolution speed as soon as the air conditioning system is turned on.
Electric Compressor Structure