Evaporator - Denso

The evaporator cools and dehumidifies air inside the vehicle by exchanging heat with a refrigerant. The evaporator is integrated into the HVAC unit located in the instrument panel.
DENSO’s small & light evaporator improves both interior comfort and fuel economy.
DENSO Technology – Leading the World

  • In 2002, DENSO introduced the thinnest evaporator of its kind in the world. This small and light evaporator — 38 mm in width— has the world’s thinnest tubes and thinnest tube plates.
Benefits and Features
  • Small size (thin width)
    • Thinner tube (1.7 mm) and shorter fin height (5 mm) improves heat exchange efficiency.
  • Light weight
    • The tube’s zinc diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance, resulting in very thin tube plate thickness (0.2 mm).
  • High performance
    • Separating the tubes and the tanks increases the tank flow path area and reduces refrigerant pressure loss.
  • Excellent draining capability
    • Slits on the outer fins make draining easier
Refrigerant Flow in Evaporator

Tube Cross Section