Heater Core - Denso

The heater core reheats a portion of the air cooled by the evaporator by exchanging heat with engine-cooling water. The reheated air is mixed with the remaining evaporator-cooled air and the mixed air is blown into the vehicle cabin.
DENSO Technology – Leading the World

  • In 2002, DENSO introduced a smaller, lighter heater core – 27 mm in width – achieving the same performance as the company’s conventional 46 mm heater core. The new heater core has the world’s thinnest tube plate of 0.2 mm.
Benefits and Features
  • Small size (thin width)
    • Thinner tube (1.3 mm) and smaller fin height (3.9 mm) improves heat exchange efficiency.
  • Light weight
    • The tube’s zinc (Zn) diffusion layer improves corrosion resistance, resulting in very thin tube plate thickness (0.2mm).