HVAC Unit - Denso

The heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) unit, installed in a vehicle’s instrument panel, is required to be smaller, quieter and more efficient. DENSO strives to satisfy all of these requirements as a leader in this field. 

The HVAC unit includes an air filter, blower fan, evaporator and heater core, and generates conditioned air to make the passenger cabin comfortable.

HVAC Unit Structure

DENSO Technology – Leading the World
  • In 1994, DENSO introduced the world’s first film-door HVAC unit, which uses high-accuracy film doors to switch air flows, reducing the size and weight of the unit and achieving more comfortable air temperature control (see below).
  • The two-layer flow HVAC unit, DENSO first introduced in 1997, can circulate internal warm air in the lower half of the passenger cabin, and route external fresh air through the upper half, improving heating efficiency and more effectively preventing window fogging (see below).
Film-door HVAC Unit

Two-layer Flow HVAC Unit